“I firmly believe that in the depths of every soul is birthed the thrill of hope, the passion and strength to seek out the best of the present and future,” - Daniel M. Klopp Hope with Voices4Peru is a simultaneous expression of action. Voices4Peru strives to give direction for community members in Perú, South America in never losing hope. Hope is something that everyone has deep within. Hope can never die, for it is born within us and it goes on for all of eternity. Voices4Peru is only a vessel or instrument to help awaken the hope within each person that is connected to Voices4Peru. Hope can come in the form of giving a scholarship for a Club Deportivo Dan Soccer Club Member to attend University. V4P is giving hope for the teenager because now that person sees a brighter future. Hope can be for a family when their house is built by a team from the Nederland. That family now wakes up every morning in a new home and realizes that there are people who love them and cared enough for them. Hope can be for a high school student from the USA who comes to work on a project and sees that the act of spending quality time translates to love, an action that goes on for all of eternity. Hope is given everyday with Voices4Peru because families, and individuals wake up, and they know that down the hill at the V4P base, there is someone who will listen to them and share with them about a brighter day and a future of possibilities. Hope is found when a volunteer from V4P teaches a child how to paint, igniting a fire of the fine arts within the soul of a child who never knew before, the passion and love they found. This is Hope. You can be an instrument of hope. Today.