2.1 the gift of education through sports participation to a teen in Peru
Voices4Peru offers education opportunities to teens who participate in our Club Deportivo Dan soccer team. Your sponsorship can help bring hope to adolescents who border on the frontier of at-risk situations, such as poverty, gangs, drugs, and domestic violence. Your support can help teens excel in education and break the vicious cycle of poverty.
2.2 V4P Club Deportivo Dan soccer team
Your sponsored teen will have access to attend university, technical school, or a learned skill trade. Dependent upon age, the teenager will have freedom to compete in local and state-wide soccer competitions. Girls also have the opportunity to participate on our volleyball teams. Through sponsorship, your teen will have access to free school university tuition, transportation costs to and from school, and all paid costs for school materials. Free counseling, community involvement, and personal development programs also are available to the Club Deportivo Dan soccer teams. Through your partnership with Voices4Peru, you will select a young adult who requires stability in life. Some of these teens have left the streets of drugs, violence, and gangs. Part of the rehabilitation process is the camaraderie and teamwork that your investment fosters towards their educational and profesional pursuits. Allowing sports to draw in these teenagers keeps them off the streets and into a safe environment that is provided through your donation and allows them to accomplish academic dreams.
2.3 How to Support Voices4Peru
There are several ways you can get involved with V4P:

1. Advocate. Plan a party, share our mission with your friends through social media, or invite the V4P Founder to speak at your function. The opportunities are limitless, so let’s get creative!

2. Donate. Whether it’s $10 or $1,000 – every penny helps support the children of Peru by enriching their lives and giving them the tools they need to succeed.

3. Sponsor a Child. Your ongoing monthly donation will keep a child enrolled in the Voices4Peru private school and ensure their basic needs are met. Sponsoring a child keeps them out of the mines and safe with their family – where they should be.