V4Peru Private School

Voices4Peru believes that every child deserves an education. Children at our private school enjoy learning in a safe and creative environment. V4P’s accredited teachers tailor education to meet each child’s needs.

The Voices4Peru private school provides certified, excellent education for children ages three to five. We also provide tutoring, individual progression assistance, after-school classes, and private counseling from a licensed psychologist. By attending our school, children have the opportunity for a better foundation in life while avoiding the dangers of gangs, slave labor, and human trafficking.

At our school, children learn Spanish, English, math, and science in a safe, nurturing environment. They also participate in field trips to local places of interest, sports, and holiday events.

By partnering with Voices4Peru, you will become an advocate for a child in Ventanilla who is benefitting from this program. Your monetary support will give a child an opportunity to learn and thrive as they continue to grow. As a partner, you have the opportunity to share pictures, emails, and videos with “your child.” Partners also receive progress reports that detail how the child is doing in school and everyday life. These children need to see there is hope in the world and people care enough to be part of their lives. Voices4Peru is also prepared to host you for a visit if you want to come meet the child you are sponsoring and take a tour of the school. Voices4Peru will send monthly updates of the progress we are making in the community and show you exactly how your contribution is being used. We are on the cutting edge of protecting these kids from gangs, homelessness, drugs, and unhealthy sexual relationships through education, social services, and the vigilance of our staff.

1.1 Basic Needs
Voices4Peru provides a safe haven for children in Ventanilla, Peru, where they can get food, water, medical care, and education. These are things that are not readily available to everyone. Every child should have these basic needs met and you can help V4P provide this through financial support.

1.2 Social and Recreational activities
Voices4Peru understands that a child’s life should not be lived simply trying to keep from being homeless or hungry. A child needs healthy social, recreational, and athletic outlets. In addition to providing basic needs, Voices4Peru runs a safe haven where children, adolescents, and their families can gather without fear of the area gangs. This safe haven is where we engage in creative projects, theater, music, and organize our athletic teams. It is a place for children to be children instead of worrying about the poverty and dangers of their everyday lives.

1.3 How to support Voices4Perú
There are several ways you can get involved with V4P:

1. Advocate. Plan a party, share our mission with your friends through social media, or invite the V4P Founder to speak at your function. The opportunities are limitless, so let’s get creative!

2. Donate. Whether it’s $10 or $1,000 – every penny helps support the children of Peru by enriching their lives and giving them the tools they need to succeed.

3. Sponsor a child. Your ongoing monthly donation will keep a child enrolled in the Voices4Peru private school and ensure their basic needs are met. Sponsoring a child keeps them out of the mines and safe with their family – where they should be.