3.1 Igualdad de casas de LGBTAQ
DANIEL The Equality / Safe Refuge House has the functionality to assist with various social services for the community of Ventanilla. Voices4Peru believes in advocating for the safety and security of all persons, regardless of any personal choices that they have made in their past. Voices4Peru is about how to safe lives, both physically, spiritually, and emotionally. The Voices4peru Equality / Safe House provides exams for individuals requiring basic medical testing for blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol, pregnancy, or Ssexually transmitted diseases. Founder, Klopp, opened the Equalty / Safe Refuge House after seeing adolescents dying because of lack of social service care. Individuals can receive prayer and spiritual direction as well from this site. It is onsite of Voices4Peru Base at the right side of the Voices4Peru Private School.
3.2 Mental Health, anxiety and depresion
DANIEL Voices4Peru passionately believes in the personal development of every child, adolescent, and adult. It is the organization’s priority to assist community members through any issues regarding mental health. Professional and highly skilled mental health specialists are onsite to provide consultations, recommendations for medical attention, prescriptions, and mental health counseling through cognigitive therapy treatment. Voices4Peru operates this aspect of the outreach from the V4P Equality / Safe Refuge House onsite at V4P Base. Founder Klopp and staff are also available at Club Deportivo Dan Soccer trainings & games. It is the passion of V4P to treat the whole body, mind, and soul, through emotional, physical, and mental health.
3.3 Sexual diseases
DANIEL With recent research from West Chester University featured by Dr. Michael Antonio, (Criminal Justice), Voices4Peru realices the importance of assisting adolescents & adults in the area of sexual education and sexual health and prevention of Sexual transmitted Diseases. Quite prevelant through Perú, adolescents and adults suffer from horrific lack of medical resources that are typically offered only to Perú’s more afluent communities. V4P provides access for exams, treatments, and emotional & mental support for those who struggle with Sexually transmitted Diseases, attempting to decrease the “taboo” of the infections that are prevelent in Perú.
3.4 Emergencies of medicines
Voices4Peru believes in defending the rights of those who have been marginalized by various factors. There have been numerous incidients over the years where Founder Klopp has provided the resources to clients. Treatment for individuals inclusive of AIDS treatments, emergencies inclusive of surgical procedures, alievating a client during the dying process from excess of drug use. V4P passionately seeks to provide Medical Emergency assistance as the National System is not empthetic in many cases regarding marginalized communities. If a client seeks or is in need of emergency medical attention, a staff member of V4P is notified and attention is made to the case. Additionally, in cases of death, V4P, if needed, will provide financial resources for the family of the deceased to bury their loved one.
3.5 Women’s Medicine
Women’s health is crucial to the passion at Voices4Peru. Often adolescents, terrified of being pregnant, when they find out that they are pregnant, attempt to abort their unborn children through horrific attemps, including swallowing rat poison, drinking high amounts of chemicals, or using instruments that are unsanitary and dangerous. Voices4Peru, in extreme cases, works with the local medical community, to address adolescents and adults to local Medical Doctors or Spiritual Direction of Female Staff at Voices4Peru to assist the adolescent or adult to seek the best solution. Voices4Peru believes in adoption and seeing pregnancies to full term births, and the organization works hard to see this progress and results. Women can also receive medical attention for prevention of diseases, infections, and chronic problems.