From December 8 through 23, 2014, Daniel Klopp and his colleagues traveled throughout Peru to gain global support for our organization. They visited and interviewed families who have been exposed to modern-day slave trade and are living in poverty, and spoke with young men battling drug addictions. Our ongoing campaign goal is to obtain

Each day, I see the realities of harsh life in the cities of Lima. People wander around aimlessly among the concrete jails of free space with glossed-over embers of hope once lost. The ability to regain the position of hope in the street’s ravage and vengeful grip requires far-surpassing stamina to get

Ever want to be somebody? Perhaps your dream was to become a lawyer. Or you wanted to become a pilot for a major commercial airline. You kept your dream at the forefront of your mission, and then later in life… Guess what? You accomplished it. Now you are living the dream you always wanted and