Valerie Feld

Hi, my name is Valerie, and I want to share the following experience. 
Eight days – the amount of time I spent in Peru. Eight days was all it took for me to completely immerse myself within a new community, previously foreign to me. When I made the decision to join Peru Team 1 with OSLC, I knew I was going to make an impact on the people I met. However, I did not realize the massive impact they would have on me.
Peru Team 1 spent about seven months preparing for our mission trip. We fundraised, we read devotions, and we planned activities and lessons. Although we spent a significant amount of time prepping, we could not predict the impact this trip would have on us. When we arrived in Peru, the V4P team was incredibly welcoming. We were tired from traveling, so it was a blessing to be …


“We are to speak up for those who cannot. We are to defend the rights of the poor & needy” – Proverb 31:9