Hello my name is Hetty Wolters.

Hello my name is Hetty Wolters and I’m from Netherlands.
The work and mission of Voices 4Peru has a big place in my heart and can’t stand the idea  this mission would stop for some reasons and leave the kids involved in the work of the organization on their own. I love to see how the organization becomes like a family to many of them. My desire is to be part of this mission, as far as my circumstances makes this possible.
I met Daniel Klopp at a conference in the Netherlands, where he spoke about his life and mission in Peru. Immedately I was touched by his story and the children of Las Lomas found a place in my heart. Daniel and I kept in touch on internet and soon my husband and I decided to support his mission. We support two children …


“We are to speak up for those who cannot. We are to defend the rights of the poor & needy” – Proverb 31:9